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When advertising executive Sarah Sheppard was commissioned by God, also known as Infinity, to write and market a universal addendum to the world's religious texts, she was convinced the entire plan was an elaborate hoax. But as anyone who has read Sandra Moran’s novel, Nudge, knows, the real story is much more complicated. Now for the first time, the actual text of The Addendum is available for anyone to read.

And what exactly is The Addendum? It’s a universal document that ties together history, religion, and the commonality of the human experience through stories of famous figures who, regardless of their belief systems, stand as testament to the ideals of living one’s faith and making the world a better place. Its purpose is to help humanity celebrate and accept our differences, even as we embrace that which is common to all.

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ISBN-13: 9781939562623
Publisher: Bink Books
Publication Date: July 4th, 2014