Workplace Bullying (Kobo eBook)

Workplace Bullying By Shelley Boulet, University Certificate in Human Resources/Labour Relations (UCHRLR), Laura Matheson Cover Image
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Workplace Bullying: The Pandemic Within addresses the need for businesses, organizations, and leaders to better understand the core elements of workplace harassment and bullying. Workplace bullying and harassment affect not only those targeted, but also the organization as a whole. Leadership and organizational culture can play key roles in the identification and prevention of these insidious problems.

Designed to provide clear, concise information for those in leadership positions, Workplace Bullying addresses the core elements of workplace harassment and bullying, including:
• How to identify and address signs of workplace harassment and bullying
• Leadership styles and how these can contribute to a culture of harassment and bullying
• Defining elements of respectful workplace policies and how to enforce them
• Constructive dismissal, proper use of progressive discipline, and elements of proper workplace investigations

Are you experiencing workplace harassment and bullying yourself? Dealing with employees who are harassing and bullying other employees? Wanting to ensure that your workplace is as healthy as it can be? Workplace Bullying assists business leaders with all three, while building a solid educational foundation from which to create a healthy, respectful workplace.

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ISBN-13: 9781039101401
Publisher: FriesenPress
Publication Date: October 7th, 2021