Who Is Your Red Dress?: One Woman's Quest to Break Up With A Love Addiction (Paperback)

Who Is Your Red Dress?: One Woman's Quest to Break Up With A Love Addiction By Emmi Fortin Cover Image
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High school teacher Emmi heads to the salsa club every week to escape her "adulting" life and get her dancing "fix." But it's more than just dancing that she is obsessed with. It is here that she meets Santiago, a charming man with a killer smile whom she falls recklessly in love with. They begin a romance and confusing entanglement where passion runs high each time they break up and get back together - over and over again.

Constantly feeling stressed, anxious, and depressed from the uncertainty of the situationship, Emmi feels like she's going crazy. She hits the online dating apps hard in a frenzy to find "Mr. Right," attempting to break away from her romance with Santiago for good. It isn't until Emmi's solo trip to Spain that she discovers that the key to breaking her toxic love addiction lies within herself and that she holds the power to make the final decision about where her life will go.

If you have ever felt out of control, codependent, or lost after a relationship, this book is a must-read. Emmi not only draws you into her deeply intimate and vulnerable journey of healing and transformation as she fights to break free from an addictive cycle but also shares her radically honest and entertaining adventure stories along the way.

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Product Details
ISBN: 9798986299709
Publisher: Emmi Fortin
Publication Date: June 14th, 2022
Pages: 380
Language: English