Don't Be a Trump in Your Marriage: The Former President's Communication Habits You Must Avoid (Paperback)

Don't Be a Trump in Your Marriage: The Former President's Communication Habits You Must Avoid By Ramon Presson Cover Image
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What if you could learn from one of the most visible, vocal, influential, and controversial leaders in American history? What if that leader could teach you what NOT to do in your closest relationships? Would you be interested?

Author, newspaper columnist, minister, and licensed marriage & family therapist, Dr. Ramon Presson goes beyond politics and partisan rhetoric to examine the communication style and habits of Donald Trump that you and your partner MUST avoid if your relationship is going to survive and thrive.

A couples therapist for three decades, Presson spent six years examining the content of Donald Trump's tweets, interviews, press conferences, debates, and campaign and rally speeches that reveal a consistent pattern of relationship attitudes and behaviors along with established communication habits that if practiced in a marriage are guaranteed to profoundly damage the relationship, if not completely destroy it.

The author gets very practical in looking at specific communication habits along with manipulation techniques. The issues of toxic pride, defensiveness, contempt, dishonesty, and blame-shifting are also explored. Narcissism and gaslighting each get their own chapter.

Says Presson, "Regardless of your political loyalties and your position on any particular issue, if you imitate the relational style of Donald Trump in the daily interactions of your marriage, you will likely be divorced within the next five years. Cast your vote for whoever you wish at the polls, but you best be very careful and selective in who you elect as your role model at home."

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ISBN: 9798986100203
Publisher: Ramon Presson
Publication Date: May 10th, 2022
Pages: 196
Language: English