Out Of The Ashes I Rise (Paperback)

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Life is what you make of it." If I had not told myself

this a thousand times, it was probably more. But, my

life that I was trying to make started crashing in on

me and I didn't know why. What's worse is nothing

I was doing to try to fix my life was causing the

change I so desperately needed. Even worse is the

fact that I had not done anything bad or wrong to

deserve all of these things Since my problems were

not important to anyone (so it seemed), and I could

not find anyone to really listen to me, suicide seemed

to be my only way out of my turmoil. The main

problem with that was, if I did commit suicide, who

would listen to me then? And, people will just go

back to life as usual after shedding a few tears. But,

I decided to drop all of that nonsense because.......

I want to live

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ISBN: 9798985320626
Publisher: Kdc Enterprises, LLC
Publication Date: June 24th, 2022
Pages: 300
Language: English