Esther; Queen of Persia (Paperback)

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Esther is a young Jewish woman living in the Persian Empire many years after her people were exiled there from the land of Israel. Although she has never seen the promised land, she knows God will take her there someday. For now, she has more pressing concerns. Daily life consists of working at the bakery and taking care of her dear uncle Mordecai, who has never been the same since the grisly murder of Esther's parents and grandparents sixteen years ago. They were killed for being Jewish, and Mordecai tells Esther to never tell anyone she is a Jew.

Esther loves God and knows He is with her at every moment. She also loves her uncle but sometimes wishes to find her own happiness, that kind of love she imagines between Adam and Eve in the Garden of Eden. One night, soldiers arrive and take her to King Xerxes's harem since he is looking for a new queen to replace Queen Vashti, who had displeased him. To Esther's surprise, she and Xerxes feel a sense of trust with each other, and he decides to make her queen. Over time, they fall deeply in love. There's just one thing missing. Xerxes doesn't know Esther is Jewish. Esther wants to tell him to share her whole heart with her beloved husband, but she has always been taught not to speak about being Jewish, not to anyone.

Will Esther and Xerxes's love for each other be enough to protect both Esther and her people? Will she be able to speak and reveal her true self to her husband and the kingdom? When an evil plot to destroy the Jews is concocted by Haman, Xerxes's second-in-command, Esther must decide to speak up or not. In doing so, she risks her life, as it is against the law to approach the king without being summoned. Will Xerxes's love for her be more powerful than the law? Which will win, love or law?

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ISBN: 9798886448542
Publisher: Covenant Books
Publication Date: April 25th, 2023
Pages: 160
Language: English