Tree Glee: How and Why Trees Make Us Feel Better (MP3 CD)

Tree Glee: How and Why Trees Make Us Feel Better By Cheryl Rickman Cover Image
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Trees and humans essentially want the same thing--to live good, happy, purposeful lives and to flourish. We are inextricably bound.

Trees provide us with the necessities of life--they clean the air we breathe, fill us with awe as we walk through forests, and provide timber for the houses we live in, yet there are deeper reasons for our arboreal admiration that go beyond utility and beauty.

Tree Glee looks at the psychology behind our fascination with trees, examining exactly how they comfort, restore, and revitalize us and what we can learn from the wisdom of woodlands to improve our own wellbeing. It explores the importance of trees in our leafy suburbs and urban landscapes, sharing magical stories of remarkable ancient trees across the globe and inviting readers to reflect on their own personal treestory.

Featuring captivating photos and with chapters on forest bathing and nature therapy, woodland wellbeing and tree mythology, Tree Glee explores how by deepening our appreciation and connection to trees and by celebrating and protecting them, we can flourish together.

Product Details
ISBN: 9798212275200
Publisher: Blackstone Publishing
Publication Date: June 6th, 2023
Language: English