Organic Name Reactions: Principles, Mechanisms and Applications (Hardcover)

Organic Name Reactions: Principles, Mechanisms and Applications By Sanjay B. Bari, Vinod G. Ugale Cover Image
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Special features of the book

We have divided every organic reaction in following subsections:

It is hope that this type of presentation will greatly aid the memory and understanding of students.

Principle: Includes text and general reactions with examples. We have indicated changes in functional groups while conversion of reactants into final products with the use of advanced ChemBioDraw Ultra tool. The text of manuscript has been made simple and lucid with pictorial presentations.

Mechanism: Includes text and detailed stepwise mechanism by highlighting the changes in reactants at every step. The context includes beautiful and clear representation of mechanisms; each step is shown without using any shortcuts. Lone pairs and reaction arrows are indicated clearly by using ChemBioDraw Ultra, making the mechanism easier to follow and understand thoroughly.

Applications: Includes text and utility of particular reaction in synthesis of useful product. We have also included stereochemical aspects and orientations for reactions along with its synthetic applications, where it is necessary. Inspite of refreshing the current understanding of name reactions, we have tried to incorporate latest synthetic industrial applications, so that it will help the learners who involved in synthetic research, early career researchers and at large to scientific community.

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ISBN: 9789389974300
ISBN-10: 9389974305
Publisher: Pharmamed Press
Publication Date: February 1st, 2021
Pages: 480
Language: English