Experimental Organic & Medicinal Chemistry: Principles & Practice (Hardcover)

Experimental Organic & Medicinal Chemistry: Principles & Practice By N. Swathi, T. Durai Ananda Kumar Cover Image
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The modern medicinal chemistry utilizes several novel drug discovery tools to identify the drug-like molecules (lead) and to convert them into therapeutically potential molecules. The advanced and adequate practice in synthetic medicinal chemistry is essential for pharmacy graduates (B. Pharmacy and M. Pharmacy) to receive recognition in academia and industry sectors. This book titled Experimental Organic and Medicinal Chemistry-Principles & Practice consists of several topics covering both theory and practical concepts. The material spreads into synthetic and analytical approaches. The synthetic approach includes synthesis of drugs and drug intermediates and green synthetic strategy. The analytical approach deals with estimations of drugs, qualitative analysis of inorganic, organic and natural products, isolation and determination of active principles from natural sources. In addition, safety measurements, general laboratory practices, preparation of a few solutions and reagents are included as a ready reference. This book is a good companion for students of B. Pharmacy and a source book for M. Pharmacy (Pharmaceutical chemistry, Medicinal Chemistry) and other Pharmaceutical and medicinal chemistry disciplines.

Salient features of this book are

  • Systematic descriptions in simple language.
  • Neat and self explanatory chemical reaction mechanisms.
  • The role of reagents, alternative reagents and hazards associated are highlighted.
  • Pharmaceutical relevance of chemical reactions are described.
  • Limit tests, qualitative analysis of inorganic, natural and synthetic organic compounds are described in a lucid manner.
  • Estimations of natural and organic-medicinal compounds along with isolation of active principles are discussed.

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