Effect Of Family Environment Educational Incentives On Emotional Maturity And Academic Performance A Study Of Adolescent Students (Paperback)

Effect Of Family Environment Educational Incentives On Emotional Maturity And Academic Performance A Study Of Adolescent Students By Rashmi Rashmi Cover Image


Background of the Study Modern age is the age of competition in all walks of life either it is academic or vast arena of non-academic fields. Therefore, success in every field is determined by performance. The concept of performance refers to how well the given task is completed against the set standards. Everywhere there is high competition in the working world which is increasingly growing day by day. The importance of doing well in schools has caught the attention of everyone in all spheres of life including parents, teachers, legislators, and government education departments, etc. Although, simple education is necessarily very important but not the only road to success in the competitive world. However, quality of performance in academic achievement and thereafter, continuous quality effort to achieve the goals and objectives are instrumental for performance at par with standards to meet the challenges. Much effort has been made to identify, track and encourage the progress of students in schools. Parents have to care about their child's performance in school because they believe good academic results will provide better career choices, success, and job security. Performance in school is evaluated in a number of ways. For regular performance assessment, student demonstration of their understanding and knowledge in written and oral tests, performance in presentations, completion of homework assignments, participation in-class activities and discussions are and finally achievement scores usually considered as performance criteria. Teachers evaluate it in the form of grades to describe how well a student has done. Grading system came into existence in the late Victorian period and was initially criticized due to high subjectivity. Different teachers valued different aspects of learning more than others, although some standardization was attempted in order to make the system fairer the problem still continued. The performance, especially of students in studies, is most likely determined by family environment, emotional maturity, and educational encouragement which all initially come from the family environment. Here, it is important to mention that the phenomenon of educational encouragement has not been studied especially in the Indian context which to the present investigator seems to be very important for students' motivation and thereby attaining high performance. With these above deliberations, it is necessary to go further to undertake each and every variable for a comprehensive discussion that follows in the writings to proceed. Chapter -1 Introd,

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