Minipedia (Board book)

Minipedia By Ingela P. Arrhenius Cover Image


¿Qué tienen en común un limón, una barba y un mosquito? ¡Que pican! ¿Y la nata, un melocotón y un dudú? ¡Que son dulces y suaves! Un imaginario de gran formato con más de 200 palabras ilustradas y agrupadas por temas, ¡para atreverse con el lenguaje y con la vida!

What do a peach, a beard, and mosquito have in common? They’re all prickly! How about a teddy and a blankie? Both are soft and cuddly. This is a wonderful picture book with more than 200 words and illustrations that will help your child build strong language and life skills.

About the Author

Ingela P. Arrhenius is an esteemed illustrator and designer. Her style is simple, colorful, and draws on the aesthetic of the 1950s as inspiration. Her illustrations captivate all ages. 

Product Details
ISBN: 9788491016076
ISBN-10: 8491016074
Publisher: Combel Editorial
Publication Date: March 1st, 2022
Pages: 18
Language: Spanish