Behavior modification and efficacy of Yoga in adolescents (Paperback)

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INTRODUCTION Adolescents are the future citizens of any country and it is imperative to systematically address their needs (Manpower Profile, 1996). According to World Health Report (2001) Adolescence is marked by immense turmoil in emotional and behavioural spheres. WHO defines adolescence as the period of life between the ages of 10-to 19 years. The adolescent struggles to develop his individuality while still conforming to societal norms. Rapid urbanization and modernization have exposed them to changes in society. The resultant breakdown in family structure, excessive or minimal control confuses the adolescent and makes him/her especially vulnerable to maladaptive patterns of thinking and behavior. Healthy adulthood depends upon successful resolution of these emotional and behavioural problems. Treading on this tightrope, most adolescents go through to adulthood normally. All adolescents may not be so fortunate, to get the ideal societal support for this smooth transition. Some develop maladaptive patterns in emotional and behavioral profiles. This augers ill for the individual's future resulting in depression, delinquency and suicides besides other problems. The Indian Constitution (1950) asserted that all boys and girls up to the age of fourteen must be in schools. Adolescence can be categorized into,

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