Coaching Children In Sport- The CARVER Framework (Paperback)

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The CARVER Coaching Framework is a set of highly usable lenses and tools for the coach in team sport. This is a book about learning and practice. Continuous learning is the job, and indeed the art, of coaching. This book is designed to assist you in building your 'Coaching World'. This is....

"Not another book of drills"

Chapter 1 What is Coaching in Child Sport?

Chapter 2 The CARVER Framework 7

Chapter 3 Connection

Coach to Child Connection

Child to Child Connection - Connecting the Team

Connect the Child and the Team to their Future in the Sport and Club

Connecting with your Fellow Coaches as a Coaching Team

Connecting with Parents

Connecting Everything to The Game

Connecting the Elements of Training within the Session Plan

Connecting Coaching Sessions to Each Other

Connecting with Other Clubs, Sports and Organisations

Chapter 4 Awareness

Awareness of the Power, Potential and Scope of Coaching

Awareness of the Holistic Nature of Coaching

Coach Self- Awareness

Coach Role- Awareness

Raising Awareness Among Players

Raising 'In- Game' Awareness

The Constraints Led Approach

Raising Awareness 'Of- Game' and 'Of Self'

Feedback driving Coach Awareness- Questionnaires and Surveys

Chapter 5 Research

The Child's Needs

How Children Learn Best

The Child in Sport-Behaviours, Characteristics and Factors to Consider

The C's of Success in Sport

Theories and Stages of Skill Acquisition

The Pillars of The Player



Technical- Skill

Factors to consider in a Games Based Approach

Tactical- Team Play


Chapter 6 Values and Visions

The REF Value System


A Vision for Yourself as Coach

A Vision for Success

A Vision for Winning

A Vision for your Coaching Team

A Vision for the Person and the Player

A Player's Vision for Themselves

A Vision for the Team

A Vision for the Style of Play

A Vision for your Session

Chapter 7 Endorsing

Chapter 8 Reflection

Chapter 9 Cohesive Collective Coaching and The Club Coaching Model

Chapter 10 The Power of the Club to Serve the Community

Chapter 11 The End is Always the Beginning

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