Standing Tall: A Guide to Helping Those Growing Up Around Depression (Paperback)

Standing Tall: A Guide to Helping Those Growing Up Around Depression By Sarah E. Haywood, Georgia a. Haywood (Illustrator) Cover Image
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Do you feel like your life is limited but you are not sure why? Have you had lots of negative experiences in your life that have left you unable to trust others around you? Have you grown up around depression? Do you struggle with loving you? Are you struggling to have successful love relationships? Have you reached a point of wanting to positively change? Are you open to considering new ways to live your life? If you answer yes to any of these questions, this book is perfect for you.

In 2011 Sarah received a spiritual awakening that changed her life forever. Since this day Sarah has been discovering new ways to live her life that has created positive change for both her and her children. By reading this book you will discover how she did it and ways that you too can do the same.

Looking at Self love, Health & Wellbeing, Family, Friends, Parenting, Death, Relationships, Money & Finances and Business, Sarah talks about the effects of seeing life as the victim and how she turned her challenging life experiences around into positive ones.

As a single parent with 3 children, Sarah understands the stresses and strains caused by her own negative thinking partly caused by living around depression when she was young. Her spiritual awakening has taught Sarah how to apply tools and ideas to her life that have changed things dramatically around, some of which she had never been open to or even realised could be used before.

Being introduced to angels, Sarah also discovered new talents within her that no normal school would have ever encouraged. Like the magic of Hogwarts in Harry Potter, Sarah's new found skills have been an exciting discovery and has been told she looks a bit like JK Rowling.

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Publication Date: July 23rd, 2017
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