Fun Backyard Bird Facts for Kids (Hardcover)

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Do you know backyard birds?

Do you see them? Can you hear them?

They're the backyard birds that visit our parks, gardens and backyards to find something to eat or a safe place to raise their families. Birds entertain and delight us with their antics, bright colors and cheerful songs. They're so familiar we think we know them very well.

There are ways that birds are like people. It could be that's another reason why we're fascinated by them. But how well do we know them, really?

The truth is backyard birds have some amazing and surprising secrets. That's what this book is about.

It has striking color photos and plenty of fun facts about the backyard birds of North America. All these facts are fully explained for eco-curious kids. It's a wildly entertaining good time with the most common backyard birds, including:

  • Why do some birds migrate, but others stay year-round?
  • What bird can fly in every direction, even upside-down?
  • What 'immigrant' bird from Europe now thrives in North America and has become the world's most common bird?
  • What bird can bark like a dog or screech like a car alarm?
  • What bird can sing the songs of any other bird it hears?
  • What bird hoots like an Owl, but looks like a pigeon?
  • Why is one North American bird called a "mouse?" And there's another, with "cat" in its name. What's that about?
  • What bird has an American city in its name?
  • What bird gets even brighter orange feathers as it gets older?
  • What are "vagrant" birds and why are they fascinating?
  • What bird likes to play hide-and-seek with other birds and is really good at it?

Contains all this and more with 100+ surprising fun facts about backyard birds every birdwatching kid will want to know

Fun Backyard Bird Facts for Kids is the eighth book in the series Fun Animal Facts for Kids from Crimson Hill Books.

For ages 6 to 12 or Grades 3 to 7.

Includes 60 color photos. Suitable for libraries, home schoolers and classroom teachers who want to build kids' word power and knowledge of the natural world.

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