The Kid Code: 30 Second Parenting Strategies (Paperback)

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This book and its one hundred 30 Second parenting strategies take the anger and confusion out of parenting and bring us back to sanity and love as a natural response - no pretending, and no (or less) hollering, complaining, demanding and mumbling nasty stuff under our breath. When used long-term, long-term patience and wisdom show up, and short-term craziness vanishes; or at least makes fewer, less stressful appearances. When you use these strategies, you'll find that they give you and your kids 'right now relief'. To go from chaos to calmness in 30 seconds is nothing less than a miracle.

About the Author

Brenda taught conscious conflict resolution in six countries and has studied and applied the work of those who know the true cause of, and the cure for stress. They include Eckhart Tolle, Byron Katie, Sadhguru, Mooji, Guy Finley and more. She is passionate (all day long) about helping people find peace inside of themselves - that way, they can access it no matter where they are. She has proof that we are meant to live that way! By doing this work, she went from grumpy to grateful and from blaming - to blossoming her kids (and herself). Brenda has a private practice to help people free themselves from upsets and inner conflict - in 30 seconds! Her favorite discovery has been that joy is natural. She helps parents and their kids rediscover theirs by doing one of these strategies every time a negative state appears. Brenda is an invitation for you to hear the long-forgotten whisper of wellbeing and come back to states that are natural to you: peaceful, playful, patient, and excited about getting up in the morning!

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ISBN: 9781982269500
ISBN-10: 1982269502
Publisher: Balboa Press
Publication Date: June 8th, 2021
Pages: 318
Language: English