Tim's Gain, the Devil's Loss: God's Ministry Covers Four Continents! (Paperback)

Tim's Gain, the Devil's Loss: God's Ministry Covers Four Continents! By Perry Riff Cover Image
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Tim's Gain, the Devil's Loss, is the third novel using the similar wording. There was the first novel entitled Vance's Gain, the Devil's Loss, and the second novel entitled, Brian's Gain and the Devil's Loss. All three novels depicted the downward spiral of the men as they tried to live in a lifestyle against their physical, genetical, and spiritual makeup. God created them to be fully men attracted to the opposite sex. However, through traumatic circumstances they got sidelined. Tim Richards' involvement with the Gay Enforcers involved attempts on his life, when he tried to disassociate himself from them. He, or any member, was not permitted to leave that militant organization. Even after attempts on his life, he still managed to withstand God's graces. It was ironic that he should be involved with such a destructive group that almost killed his mother, Sheryl, who had an active part in the Father's Touch International Ministry. He learned along the way that there were aspects of the gay lifestyle that was not all fun and games. Loneliness, violence, confusion, and diseases were very much in play. One could only wonder how God would intervene in Tim's life before the Gay Enforcers killed him.

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ISBN: 9781977241306
ISBN-10: 1977241301
Publisher: Outskirts Press
Publication Date: April 9th, 2021
Pages: 256
Language: English