Seven Easy Steps To Go To Hell (Paperback)

Seven Easy Steps To Go To Hell By Brandon Hicks Cover Image
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What you see is not always the whole picture, as you'll learn on your journey to HELL

Occupying the lowest rung on the demonic corporate ladder, Beezle, Buzzle, and Barb have the unenviable task of ensuring enough souls are going to Hell. Using their patented Seven Deadly Sins(TM) method, the trio explains how you can get yourself a one-way ticket. This beautifully illustrated book written and illustrated by acclaimed artist & cartoon editor Brandon Hicks.

Brandon Hicks writes plays performed by real people, and draws cartoons performed by fake people. His work has appeared in Splitsider, The Syrup Trap, Weekly Humorist, American Bystander and regularly on The Rumpus, where he also serves as an associate cartoon editor. Unfortunately, he's also Canadian.

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ISBN: 9781954158399
ISBN-10: 1954158394
Publisher: Humorist Books
Publication Date: July 1st, 2021
Pages: 38
Language: English