Pre and Postnatal care for Both Baby and Mom: A Practical and Step-by-Step Manual on How to Care of Your Baby and Yourself Starting from the Conceptio (Paperback)

Pre and Postnatal care for Both Baby and Mom: A Practical and Step-by-Step Manual on How to Care of Your Baby and Yourself Starting from the Conceptio By Harley Carr Cover Image
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Stop doubting and start knowing. Motherhood isn't as scary as you may think...

Are you an expectant mother who gets anxious every time you imagine life once the baby arrives, doubting if you'll live up to the standards to keep another human being alive?

Is this your first, second, or even fifth pregnancy, yet you feel as if you need a thorough refresher once more before going into the process?

Do you constantly worry that you won't be prepared for when the baby enters the world, feeling as if you're bound to make a mistake? One that may even harm the baby?

It's completely natural for first-time mothers to feel overwhelmed and scared when expecting. Although the majority of women experience the beauties of pregnancy and childbirth, it doesn't mean it gets any less daunting when the next one arrives.

The main reason why women stress so much about their pregnancies though, is because of their lack of knowledge concerning the baby itself. It's one thing to understand the changes your body goes through throughout the process, but once the baby is born, there's a whole other focus.

For that reason, it can only work in your favor to delve into the topics covering what you should know before, during, and after giving birth to your little bundle of joy.

In Pre- and Postnatal Care for Both Baby and Mom, you will discover:

  • How to come to a decision on any tough choices you may have to make leading up to childbirth and be satisfied with them, leaving you with no second-guessing
  • The key to adjusting to your new role as a mother and handling common baby stress factors, without losing yourself in the process
  • Step-by-step guidance on your baby's first days, taking away any doubt or questions you may have and replacing them with confidence and assurance
  • Common challenges mothers face with breastfeeding, and how you can overcome these road bumps to ensure your baby gets all the nutrition it needs for healthy growth and development
  • What you can expect at medical check-ups, both during and after the pregnancy, allowing you to remain at ease knowing that both you and your baby are doing well in the process
  • The often overlooked factors to consider when choosing a pediatrician, and why the one located closest to you isn't necessarily the best option
  • A baby essentials guide, covering everything from diapers to clothes shopping to bathing -- no questions will be left unanswered

And much more.

It doesn't matter how many times you've already given birth, it never hurts to be overly prepared and know what to do before any potential issues arise. No pregnancy is the same, so you should treat each one as if it were your first, giving it your full attention and care.

Rather than torture yourself with never-ending irrational worries every day of your pregnancy and beyond, fill your head with the necessary knowledge and finally put your mind to rest. After all, nothing can ruin an experience more than anxiety and concern.

Embrace motherhood with open arms and trust in yourself that you know what's best for both you and your unborn baby.

If you want to extinguish any doubts or fears you may have about motherhood and experience a healthy, happy pregnancy, then scroll up and click the "Add to Cart" button right now.

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Publication Date: April 3rd, 2020
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