A Worry-Free Pregnancy For First Time Parents: How to Be Stress-Free and Feel Secure Throughout Your Pregnancy Journey for Baby's and Mom's Optimal He (Paperback)

A Worry-Free Pregnancy For First Time Parents: How to Be Stress-Free and Feel Secure Throughout Your Pregnancy Journey for Baby's and Mom's Optimal He By Harley Carr Cover Image
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You can t describe the happiness you felt the moment you got the positive results of your pregnancy test. But only a couple of hours later, you catch yourself worrying about everything that could go wrong.

Did I accidentally harm the baby before I knew I was pregnant?
Are the antibiotics I took going to hurt my baby?
Can exercise or stress at work cause preterm labor?
Am I going to be a good mom?

...and the worst one "what if my child has a birth defect".

Don t worry, all of these fears and questions are normal and part of the journey. In fact, according to Parents Magazine, 78% of expectant mothers rated birth defects as their number one concern.

But like many times in life, knowing the facts can help ease your mind.

There are more than 4 million babies born in the US each year and the vast majority arrive healthy and full-term. The organization March of Dimes reports less than 4 % will have any form of birth defect and most of them won t be life-threatening.

And you can even reduce the risk of certain birth defects of the brain and spinal cord by more than 70% by doing this one thing you will discover inside...

This is only a select sample of what you ll discover in "A Worry-Free Pregnancy For First Time Parents"

  • Know what's safe and what's not to have a stress free pregnancy without complications
  • Your pregnancy roadmap to exactly know the size, form and development of your baby at each stage of your pregnancy
  • What doctors say about your pregnancy worries and why they are not as scary as you think
  • Science-backed answers to all "parents to be" most commonly asked questions (in laymen's terms)
  • What you can do to lower the risk of delivering early by 65% and ensure the perfect development of your unborn child
  • Simple relief techniques to minimize the pain during labor and why you should start practicing now
  • A walk-through of all 4 ways of delivery: before, during and after explained

And much more.

Including a bonus chapter on dad's role to prepare both partners equally and make sure that not only your baby, but also your relationship stays healthy. You ll discover:

  • The surprising truth about sex during and after pregnancy
  • Why it's normal that women fret about their baby more than men do and how daddies can support mommies best
  • Effective tricks to take some pain off your partner during delivery

    You are nail-bitingly excited and can t wait to finally meet your little cupcake. Yet, 9 months can be a long time, especially if you have to constantly be afraid of other people's judgment.

    "What, you are going on vacation? Don t you think that's too dangerous? Flying increases your risk of thrombosis."

    Yes, everyone around you thinks they know it all, yet each person is different and so is every pregnancy. That's why you know best what's good for your baby.

    Author Harley Carr knows one size does not fit all, that's why she hands you a goodie bag with a collection of advice and the newest science-backed facts about pregnancy and YOU are the one deciding what to take and what to leave.

    If you want to enjoy your pregnancy to the fullest and find answers to all your worrying questions, scroll up and click "Add to Cart" right now.

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