Near Future Forward: Five Science Fiction Shorts (Paperback)

Near Future Forward: Five Science Fiction Shorts By Kari Kilgore, Jason a. Adams Cover Image
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Science fiction comes in many flavors.

Technological advances not too far-fetched or far off. For better or worse.

Humanity's next great leap, from Earth to the solar system and beyond.

And of course, what sorts of creatures and cultures await us among the stars.

Jason A. Adams and Kari Kilgore explore these areas and more, each with their own unique voice and twists of imagination.

Come along for the adventure, near and far, tomorrow and into the future

Includes The Sound of Murder, GS-304, Renovations, The Garbage Belt, and Sunlit Dispositions.

The Sound of Murder

Self-improvement can be deadly.

Insurance agency programmer Dana Sanderson only wants peace and quiet at work. A desire her micromanaging boss somehow never respects.

Then the investigation of a rash of suspicious natural death claims lands on Dana's laptop.

Failure means huge payouts for the company. Success means a huge bonus for her.

Find out if Dana's risks outweigh her rewards in this clever digital mystery.


Mighty explorers of the galaxy Portarr and Flandarr inspect a non-descript watery planet in G-Sector.

What they discover changes their lives.

GS-304, the specimen that refuses to be a subject.

Join the intrepid adventurers as they discover a strange beast that conquers their hearts.


Bob Henderson despises the modern world.

Talking elevators. Automated cars. Smart phones that track every move, mood, and thought.

The day his office building grows security cameras in the halls, Bob realizes the modern world might despise him right back.

What happens when the network decides to search for itself?

The Garbage Belt

Looking for humans? Just look for the garbage.

From bones to plastic to dead electronics, people rarely manage to clean up after themselves.

Humanity takes a long time to learn how to manage limited resources, too. The rare and precious get lost with the useless and plentiful.

Meet Gayle Simmons, pilot of the Treasure Hunt.

Rare and precious, in her sights.

Sunlit Dispositions

Sometimes, only Alex will do.

A space station just exploded, and the Sunlit Spirit Empire calls in Alex, Free Troubleshooter extraordinaire. No last name needed.

Alex wades into the strange world of Sunlit Spirit intrigue, gamma blaster in hand.

Join Alex as he learns the deceptions behind the Truth.

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ISBN: 9781948890212
ISBN-10: 1948890216
Publisher: Spiral Publishing, Ltd.
Publication Date: September 15th, 2019
Pages: 176
Language: English