The Journey to Forgiveness (Paperback)

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The Journey to Forgiveness delves into family relationships after a death in the family. It is written through the eyes of the younger brother, a middle-aged man who finally confronts the difficult relationships he's had throughout his life with his newly deceased brother and their mother.

He is a successful writer and restaurant reviewer working for a travel book publisher. As he visits the world over for his work, armchair travelers can join him.

The man wants to resolve the problems within his family, because they are now impacting his troubled relationship with his girlfriend. When his girlfriend's son is involved in a criminal act, the ensuing crisis, plus his relationship with his family members bring about a deeper understanding of himself, and he is finally able to consider a committed relationship.

It's all brought about by The Journey to Forgiveness.

Dr. Alex Bloch earned his Ph.D. in history and taught in this field. He started to write fiction after retirement and has written six novels: The Road Taken, The Cathedral, Fusion, Fermosa Rosales, The Coin and A Family Saga: Life and Love Amidst Turmoil and Tragedy. Writers' life experiences and feelings often impact their books. It is especially true for this book.

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Publication Date: February 12th, 2018
Pages: 342
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