Kill the Shill (Paperback)

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Her role in the con game was to be the shill before the scam exploded in bloody violence. Discarded, sacrificed like a pawn, Jane's left holding the bag. The swindlers left a murderous trail and millions of dollars are missing. The problem; Jane knows too much. She's a liability they can't afford to keep around. But the con artists underestimated Jane. They miscalculated her tenacity and will-to-survive. Not one to be crossed, her plan is to use their own weapon, the "art of deception," against them. Facing insurmountable odds Jane sets out to settle the score with fierce determination, and a few tricks up her sleeve. THE SHILL is part two of a trilogy from Shamus Award winning author, John Shepphird. "Hell hath no fury like an actress duped. Revenge is the motivation, deception the means to get even in this exciting crime thriller." -Scott Adlerberg, author of Spiders and Flies and Jungle Horses.

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ISBN: 9781943402106
ISBN-10: 1943402108
Publisher: Down & Out Books
Publication Date: September 24th, 2015
Pages: 172
Language: English