Her Excellency (Paperback)

Her Excellency By Louis E. V. Nevaer Cover Image
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A dark comedy in two acts about the Reagan administration. The arms-for-hostages scandal casts a shadow over Ronald Reagan's foreign policy. Jeane Kirkpatrick, American ambassador to the United Nations, is in conflict with Nora Astorga, Nicaragua's deputy foreign minister who has become that nation's ambassador to the United Nations. The women, mocked as "Amazonian Bitches" by the delegates to this male-dominated organization, clash ideologically as each tries to sway world public opinion. Their confrontations become legendary as they work feverishly to prevail-each coming to respect the other before fate intervenes.

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ISBN: 9781939879141
ISBN-10: 1939879140
Publisher: Hispanic Economics
Publication Date: September 1st, 2014
Pages: 72
Language: English