I Am More! - Surviving Survival (Paperback)

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"I realized if I could live through all that, then I most certainly could live on I survived my own survival That was my first step toward saying 'I AM MORE '" The second installment in the I AM MORE series, this book tells a story of turbulence and triumph. In the moments after a traumatic event, one is often left feeling as if living on is impossible - as if survival is impossible. Surviving Survival allows the reader a glimpse into the life of a woman who reached that very moment several times over. One day she had an awakening - she already survived She already lived the worst of it. Now, she had to survive survival. She had to learn how to live past the pain. This book deals intimately with the emotions attached to sexual assault, domestic violence, parenting a child with a diagnosed mental illness, single parenting, race, suicide, and of course survival. Her awakening combined with insight from other experts will inspire you on your own journey of surviving survival. A peep inside: "Transform your life now, and you will transform your future." "If you are using what you are going through as an excuse, then you are not using it as a testimony If you are using your past as an excuse then you are not using it as a resource. If you are using what people have said to or about you as an excuse, then you are not using it as motivation. Surviving survival requires excellence not excuses " "How do you survive a bully? You know who you are, and the power you hold A bully's main mission is to make you surrender your power to them. They want you to surrender who you believe you are and embrace who they say you are...The survival I speak of is not limited to physical survival, but mental and emotional survival." "I knew I was created with a purpose. Unfortunately, I thought that purpose was pain. By not understanding my true purpose, I thought I was a defective product. When I launched the plan to combat the enemy that was me, I decided I needed to find out who I was before the pain.

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ISBN: 9781937829575
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Publisher: Total Publishing and Media
Publication Date: February 11th, 2013
Pages: 176
Language: English