Belteshazzar: The Paladin Promise (Paperback)

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Polemus, a young Greek magistrate disaffected with the halls of power and the elusive pursuit of pleasure, is drawn along a burnishing vein of discovery on route to unraveling the true source of Life - a marvel uncovered by only an earnest few. Polemus' spirit burgeons as he journeys alongside Belteshazzar, a man of unparalleled purity whose service to four sovereigns not only changes the world, but also the heart of a young man. But, shattered by the prospect of a devastating loss, Polemus must choose to hold to all he has learnt from this ancient mentor, or cut the delicate thread that binds him to a new beginning.

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ISBN: 9781935986362
ISBN-10: 1935986368
Publisher: Liberty University Press
Publication Date: September 28th, 2012
Pages: 252
Language: English