Legend of the Sleepers (Paperback)

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She's too young to lead, yet the burden of leadership is hers - will courage be enough?

Atini is the king's child - anyone can see. Orrld tries to protect her and give her the childhood she deserves - but she is quick to learn and quick to grow and all too soon, Atini is making her own way in the world. All he can do is pray he has taught her enough compassion to become a gentle leader in a violent world.

Atini has always known she was different, even when it was supposed to be a secret. Sometimes this makes her proud and defiant. Other times afraid. The more she learns about the enemy, the more she realises how close defeat is.

Her true father the king gathers his army in the east and plans an attack against the Sturgar. That is the rumour. Atini knows the Sturgar rarely come to the battlefield unless they are sure of winning. The slaughter of her army is imminent, and all she has to cling to is the hope that the legend of the sleepers is true.

The Legend of the Sleepers is the fourth book in DJ Bowman-Smith's Crystal Bound Series. Read on to find out who prevails in the war for supremacy over the Trilands.

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ISBN: 9781914101076
ISBN-10: 1914101073
Publisher: Pen Archer Ltd
Publication Date: February 15th, 2021
Pages: 386
Language: English