Communication in Marriage: 20 Golden Rules Behind An Extraordinary Marriage (Paperback)

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Marriage is an institution that should provide comfort and warmth to the parties involved- the husband and the wife. Sadly the reverse is the case in this modern world we live in. Divorce is on the rise, and the rate at which most marriages end these days is rather alarming. A little problem that can be resolved within a matter of minutes is now one of the leading causes of divorce. A union that started as a real cause for laughter and joyful shout will now gradually turn into an uninhabitable dome.

Marriage, as instituted by God is a union that was designed to last for as long as the husband and the wife are alive, or for short a lifelong union. That means if it is to last a lifetime both the husband and the wife must put forth the necessary effort and determination to make it work.

If a meal will be really delicious, there must be an adequate supply of ingredients present in the meal. Similarly, in order for a marriage to be successful, the necessary ingredients or substances must be present, consistently. So what are the substances and ingredients that will help your marriage be successful?

This book is aimed at helping married couples to start out their lives together on a good note. It also highlights practical things that you need to do to save your marriage if it is already nose-diving in the wrong direction. This book is a product of quality research and interviews of people that have been married for long. Their advice is clearly noted in the book as it discusses 20 golden rules that married people can start implementing right after reading this book.

While we don't claim to understand everything about marital problems, it only helps to minimize any marital problems that may come your way and can help you make the right decision when you need you make a decision.

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