Spider Web Powder (Paperback)

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A devastating storm.

A destructive pathogen.

No known cure.

As the deadly Ebora virus takes hold, Archie, Daisy and Isabella - the Heirs of Eden - find themselves trapped in a magical cave with instructions on how to save humankind from the impending disaster.

Only they can deliver what the walls show them.

As they work out how to escape, the ghost, Cain - a spirit from a bygone time - discovers a means of spreading the deadly Ebora pathogen rapidly around the globe...

He's going to add viral particulates into human dreams.

Can Archie, Daisy, and Isabella harness their extraordinary gifts and trust in their unlikely status as the Heirs of Eden to make sense of the murals, escape the cave, and thwart Cain's shocking plan?

As the sun rises across the world, more people wake up afflicted.

The clock is ticking. Earth's capitulation to Ebora will not wait, and only the Heirs of Eden have the answers.

SPIDER WEB POWDER is the second part of James Erith's thrilling dystopian, young adult fantasy adventure series - EDEN CHRONICLES - with wicked plot twists, colourful characters and fizzing action.

If you liked Percy Jackson, CS Lewis, Harry Potter and Phillip Pullman, then you'll love this British young-adult, family adventure fantasy series.

Praise for Spider Web Powder:

"These books should be mandated in schools."

"This is wonderful YA fiction in the very, very best tradition: adventure, ideas, great storytelling, courage and resourcefulness against dark forces, and the love of friends and family' and plenty of humour and surprises."

"Didn't think it (Eden Chronicles) could get any better. An amazing story that leaves you wanting to read more. I can imagine how much every child would love these adventures. You really must give these books a go." (Amazon UK)


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ISBN: 9781910134399
ISBN-10: 1910134392
Publisher: Jerico Press
Publication Date: October 12th, 2021
Pages: 350
Language: English