Islam's Response to Contemporary Issues (Paperback)

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Islam's Response to Contemporary Issues is a lecture delivered at the Queen Elizabeth II Conference Centre (London) by HazratMirzaTahir Ahmad, KhalifatulMasihIV(rh), the Head of the worldwide Ahmadiyya Muslim Community. Based on Quranic teachings, the Speaker argues that:

  • Swords can win territories but not hearts, force can bend heads but not minds;
  • The role of women is not of concubines in harems nor a society imprisoned in the four walls of their homes;
  • Richer nations provide aid with strings attached and yet the flow of wealth continues to be in the direction of the rich while the poorer sink deeper in the red;
  • Religion does not need to be the predominant legislative authority in the political affairs of a state;
  • Irrespective of the thawing of the Cold War, the issue of war and peace does not only hang by the thread of superpower relationship;
  • Without God there can be no peace.

It also contains comprehensive discussion on interest; financial aid; international relations; and the role of Israel, America and the United Kingdom in a new world order.

Its message is timeless and relates to the future prospects for peace. It is a compulsory read for non-Muslims as well as for those Muslims who have forgotten the true message of Islam.

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