Reply to a Mockery (Paperback)

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By H. Ali
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Reply to a Mockery-

A response to the booklet entitled Ilhami Girgit-

by H. Ali

There is a long and painful history of poisonous accusations

against the Prophets of God. Since the Ahmadiyya Muslim

Community was founded in 1889, its opponents too have attacked

the Promised Messiahas in every manner possible. The author of

a pamphlet titled Ilhami Girgit Divine Chameleon] has seemingly

built a case against the Promised Messiahas by portraying

his teachings as inconsistent, blasphemous, and pandering to

colonial powers. This present book, Reply to a Mockery, by H. Ali,

is a refutation of these allegations. It exposes the deliberate falsehoods

and misleading claims the pamphlet employs to misguide

the public. Furthermore, it demonstrates from the writings of the

Promised Messiahas that his teachings are not only in line with the

Holy Quran and Hadith, but that many Islamic scholars, earlier as

well as recent ones, hold similar beliefs as the Promised Messiahas.

Even though this book was written as a rebuttal to a specific

pamphlet, the same allegations are recast by other opponents of

Ahmadiyyat on many occasions. Therefore, both Ahmadis and

seekers of truth are sure to find this book beneficial in clearing up.

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