Stories from Early Ahmadiyyat (Paperback)

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Storytelling remains one of history's most relished pastimes.

It inspires its audience to imagine, aspire and

dream. Over time, however, elements of exaggeration

and fabrication creep in to create a more exhilarating

episode, resulting in greater myth than matter of fact.

Stories of early Ahmadiyyat share unique aspects of

both. They are strictly based on facts, but their fascinating

outcomes, against all odds, dazzle the mind. The reality

is that they prove the existence of the Unseen Lord

and the support He provides to those who strive in His

cause, irrespective of the opposition they face.

Stories from Early Ahmadiyyat is a children's book

to remind our youth of the humble origins of the

Ahmadiyya Muslim Jama'at at a time when they have

grown accustomed to seeing its tremendous international

progress and advancement. This success did not

come without the sacrifices of humble men and women

who trusted in their Lord and the Promised Messiah as

whom He sent.

Essentially, this book seeks to inspire our youth to

adopt the path of righteousness regardless of the obstacles

and temptations that lie in their way, in the hopes


that they will witness the same signs and miracles today

that were manifested yesterday-signs and miracles that

will, one day, be the stories inspiring tomorrow's youth,


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