Vibrational Spectroscopy: Chemistry and Polymer Science (Hardcover)

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Although vibrational spectroscopy is a declining subject with fewer people being trained in this area, there is still a need for a professional reference work to cover all the essentials and to ensure that the correct information is given to industrial chemists and that nothing is overlooked. This book describes all the basics needed (theory, interpretation, instrumentation, data manipulation) to apply vibrational spectroscopy in the field of chemicals and polymers in a way that is both comprehensive and understandable to the readership. Topics covered include contemporary computational vibrational spectroscopy, a subject rarely dealt with, even though it has been at the basis of spectral interpretation in the past. It is also an inevitable tool in many contemporary spectroscopic problems. The book covers data manipulation, in particular curve fitting and quantification which is an issue normally underestimated by many practising spectroscopists. In addition, there has been recent progress in a variety of important sub-techniques, including 2D-correlation and imaging, an area often overlooked, and which are all covered in this volume.

About the Author

Professor Robert J Meier is at DSM Research, The Netherlands. He has 25 years of experience in vibrational spectroscopy and the last 21 years have been spent in the industrial environment. He holds the post of Corporate Scientist in the international chemical company DSM, in addition he is Program Manager in the R&D portfolio of DSM Industrial Chemicals. He has an Honorary Professorship from the University of York, UK and has been a Visiting Scientist in Forschungszentrum Juelich, Gmbh, Germany for a number years.

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ISBN: 9781847559128
Publisher: Royal Society of Chemistry
Publication Date: March 1st, 2012
Pages: 300