We Are the Ancient Egyptians: Meet the People Behind the History (Hardcover)

We Are the Ancient Egyptians: Meet the People Behind the History By David Long, Allen Fatimaharan (Illustrator) Cover Image
By David Long, Allen Fatimaharan (Illustrator)
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It takes all sorts to build a powerful kingdom: farmers, fishermen, slaves, sculptors . . . even pharaohs

So, listen to our stories and we'll tell you what life was really like in Ancient Egypt. Step back in time and meet a cast of characters who will give you an inside look at their daily lives.

Visit a boatman who carries cargo across the Nile, an embalmer who prepares the bodies of the dead for burial, and a papyrus maker who makes his own paper out of reeds. Featuring a map of Ancient Egypt, a timeline, a guide to writing hieroglyphics, and more, this engaging window into the world of Ancient Egypt breathes new life into ancient history.


We are the Ancient Egyptians

I am the Pharaoh

I am a Queen

I am a Naval Commander

I am a Necropolis Builder

I am an Embalmer

I am a Priest

I am a Merchant

I am a Musician

I am a Doctor

I am a Sculptor

I am a Slave

I am a Tomb Robber

I am a Papyrus Maker

I am the Vizier of the South

I am a Brewer

I am a Farmer

I am a Fisherman

I am a Jewelry Maker

I am a Boatman

Would You Like to Be an Ancient Egyptian?

Ancient Egypt


Gods & Goddesses

How to Build a Pyramid


Make Your Own Papyrus Paper

Egyptian Food


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