Pursuing Truth and Finding Jesus: An Introductory Guide to Christianity for the Honest Skeptic (Paperback)

Pursuing Truth and Finding Jesus: An Introductory Guide to Christianity for the Honest Skeptic By J. P. Mihail Cover Image
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Find peace in life without blaming God for your pain, even if you're mad at "The Church." Here's how...

Does it feel like there's more pain in your life than there should be?

Do you catch yourself frequently blaming God when things go wrong?

Maybe something traumatic happened in your life to make you question your religious beliefs.

According to the Cooperative Congressional Election Study, 31% of Americans are religiously unaffiliated, and I think the question to ask is... why?

Many religious skeptics don't believe in God because they don't want to put their faith in the writings of dead men whom they've never met -- and that may sound fair on its surface, but life isn't always so black and white

Have you ever actually asked yourself why you believe what you believe?

Is it because you're more inclined to believe what's supposedly backed by science?

Or do you just believe what you're told because it's easier to run with the crowd than to think for yourself?

It's normal to want to trust popular science and the mainstream media. After all, the information presented is so readily available at the click of a button.

However, a healthy dose of skepticism and a willingness to dive deeper into the facts is key to finding the truth.

The Bible offers substantially more truth than you might think, especially if you've had a negative experience in church or with so-called "believers" in the past.

Keep searching -- whether or not you find the answers you were hoping for, my hope is that you'll find the answers you need.

In Pursuing Truth & Finding Jesus, you will discover:

  • Why God doesn't always answer our prayers the way we want Him to
  • A glimpse at why everyone who tries to disprove Christianity can never prove that anything the Bible claims is false
  • Perspective on why pain exists and why it's necessary for your well being
  • The mindset needed to leverage your pain to become stronger and more resilient
  • Key aspects of what it takes to be a free-thinker in order for you to discover the truth
  • How you can massively reduce limiting beliefs and open your mind and heart

And much more.

If you're hesitant because of your current perception of Christianity, you may not yet fully understand the beautiful truths that come from studying Christ's life, death and resurrection.

Pursuing Truth & Finding Jesus isn't here to convert you -- it will simply guide you towards a greater understanding of who God is as Father and who Jesus is as Saviour.

It's time to stop believing everything you're told and become an honest skeptic, willing to learn and grow.

If you're ready to begin this journey together, then scroll up and click the "Add to Cart" button right now.

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ISBN: 9781777726706
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Publisher: J.P. Mihail
Publication Date: May 4th, 2021
Pages: 46
Language: English