The Power of Natural Mentoring: Shaping the Future for Women and Girls (Paperback)

The Power of Natural Mentoring: Shaping the Future for Women and Girls By Christine G. Wagner Cover Image
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Are you a woman who cares deeply about what the future holds for younger women and girls?

Then you know how difficult it is to see adolescent girls from middle school through their early career years struggle with the challenges of our time: Unrelenting change. Confusing social media. Loneliness. Anxiety. Depression.

Step into your power as a natural mentor.

Make the difference only you can make.

Natural Mentoring is a nurturing and sustained shared relationship between adult women and girls or young women who are naturally in each other's lives.

Natural Mentors listen. They provide support, guidance, experiences, and encouragement in safe, trusting spaces.

Adolescent girls and young women are among the generation that will change the world. They aren't just any girls. They are the girls of our hearts: our daughters and nieces, our friends' daughters and our daughters' friends, our colleagues, students, and granddaughters.

It's time to fine-tune the role of Natural Mentor. If you're a caring adult in a girl's life, this book is for you. Through an integration of compelling stories of women and girls, brain development research, and a how-to guide for becoming a Natural Mentor, discover how close relationships with significant adults can provide a critical growth and support network.

Praise for The Power of Natural Mentoring:

Our relationships shape who we become throughout our lives. This scientifically grounded, experientially rich book will help guide you as a "Natural Mentor" for a younger woman or girl's life to effectively and enjoyably support their growth toward a life of meaning and resilience. Filled with illuminating and compelling examples, The Power of Natural Mentoring is a brilliant synthesis of a range of research fields that inform a practical toolkit of thriving to create relationships that will have a lasting impact and help not only the individual you mentor but also our world to become a more caring, compassionate place for all.

Daniel J. Siegel, MD

New York Times best-selling author of Mind, Aware, and Brainstorm; co-author of Parenting from the Inside Out, Whole Brain Child, and The Power of Showing Up, Clinical Professor, UCLA School of Medicine, Executive Director, Mindsight Institute

I adore this book Refreshingly practical, deeply inspiring, it's the exact manual every manager, coach, mother, sister, teacher, HR professional-every person who wants to make a difference -has been waiting for. This book is going to change so many lives, including yours.

Jennifer Louden

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