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The more important study at this time is that of the religious system which has grown out of the Prophet's teaching, and of its effect upon the individual and the community and what European Governments in the political world have to do with is Isl m as it is, and as it now influences those who rule and those who are ruled under it. I have, therefore, tried to show from authentic sources, and from a practical knowledge of it, what the Faith of Isl m really is, and how it influences men and nations in the present day. I think that recent Fatv's show how firmly a Muslim State is bound in the fetters of an unchangeable Law, whilst the present practice of orthodox Muslims all the world over is a constant carrying out of the precepts given in the Qur n and the Sunnat, and an illustration of the principles I have shown to belong to Isl m. Edward Sell (1839 - 1932) was an Anglican orientalist, writer and missionary. In 1865 Sell became the principal of the Harris High School for Muslims in Madras in which capacity he continued until 1881. He was a member of the Royal Asiatic Society and was awarded the Kaiser-i-Hind Gold Medal in 1906. He was also appointed "Chairman of the Arabic, Persian, and Hindustani Studies.

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