Be the Donkey: Out of the Epicenter Bible Study (Paperback)

Be the Donkey: Out of the Epicenter Bible Study By Kimberley Rb Johnson, Samuel Dwight Johnson Cover Image
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Searching for your life's purpose?

It's not about what one obtains, but more about what one leaves behind. There is Kingdom work to be done and it is all laid out for us in the Bible and delivered to us through the Holy Spirit. Are you listening? Let's get started

Be The Donkey Bible Study is sure to bring one closer to Jesus. Targeting small groups as well as short-term missionary teams preparing for commission, this twenty-lesson study explores a vast array of topics, all worthy preparation for ministry. The only materials needed for the study are the book Be The Donkey, the Be The Donkey Bible Study, a favorite Bible, a creative mind, and a tender, faithful, and obedient heart. The Biblical principles found within these pages will help prepare even the most novice heart. Rather than dictate a particular mission style, it is the study's goal to assist the student reader grow more intimate in relationship with Jesus. If this one goal is achieved, undoubtedly the ministry work which follows will benefit, advance, and prosper.

"I could not put down the book Be The Donkey I cannot wait to dive into the Bible study "

Teresa L. Oakley

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ISBN: 9781685565084
ISBN-10: 1685565085
Publisher: Trilogy Christian Publishing
Publication Date: August 22nd, 2022
Pages: 148
Language: English