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"In the beginning, God created the heavens and the Earth" is familiar to most as the first verse in the Bible. It describes the beginning of God's creation. It could be argued that first He created the angels and other beings that inhabited the third heaven with Him. But there is no argument among theologians that the angelic host was indeed created. The author sets forth the firstborn of that creation as Helel ben Shachar, which translates as Shining One, son of the dawn (or son of the Light). It is here between the Light (Jesus) and Helel ben Shachar (ultimately Lucifer) that the conflict of conflicts arises.

It is some of the particulars thereof wherein the author believes that some of the mysteries of the universe and thus the Bible can be found. In the Unseen War, the author digs in depth into the questions of what has caused the constant war, strife, and destruction on the planet Earth and throughout the solar system and Galaxy. Why is there such a dichotomy between the things that science bears witness to and what the Bible bears witness to? Could there be some mistranslation on both sides? As an engineer, he takes a scientific view of the planet, solar system, and the universe and puts great stock in scientific discovery. But as a Christian, he believes that the Bible is not only factual but inherently and infallibly factual. The Unseen War, as discussed in this book, as it spans the eons, the ages, and space, relates to the great mysteries of the faith. Many of them can be found there, in that conflict, which is yet to end.

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