Still I Stand (Paperback)

Still I Stand By Stephanie Franklin Cover Image
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This is an inspiring story about a young woman's courage and determination to not let anything and anyone stop her from overcoming any obstacles. How even on those days she wanted to just give up, she was still able to stand. At one point, she allowed someone to control every part of her life because she trusted him the most. Not only was he her husband but also her best friend He turned out to be the very person who not only kicked her while she was down, but the one who knocked her down. He's the one who gave her so much to live for, just to take it away for his own selfish reasons. However, he actually ends up showing her that she has more strength, more heart, and more soul that she ever thought someone could have especially her. She got through days she honestly doesn't know how she ever did. You see, he thought he was untouchable, and because he is so selfish, he never once stopped to think about him getting knocked down. It's just sad that when he falls down, he'll never again be able to get up and stand . . . but she did.

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ISBN: 9781683482314
ISBN-10: 168348231X
Publisher: Page Publishing, Inc.
Publication Date: September 28th, 2016
Pages: 206
Language: English