Extortion: The Whirlwind (Hardcover)

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The effects of childhood experiences can last a lifetime. Memories may seem buried or even lost, but can recur when the attitudes and behaviour of others are similar to the past. These may trigger the same responses we had as children, making us feel just as uncertain and confused as before.When Sarah was a child, she was often upset by her parents and older twin sisters. As an adult, the same feelings still affect her. When she receives a letter and a document from her sister Mary, she becomes alarmed. Having the support of her twin sister Kathy, Mary may not realise how manipulative she is being.Each of the sisters are mourning the passing of their beloved younger brother, but Sarah is now forced to respond to the twins' demands. She looks for honesty in herself and her sisters. In careful analysis, she tries to respond fairly, but knows in her heart that they are not similarly thoughtful. As a counsellor, Sarah has the training needed to deal with her sisters, but she keeps studying to find more answers to her family issues. Her persistence pays off, especially with the support of friends and a learned professor who advises and praises her. Sarah is now able to move forward, cope with her grief, and honour her lost brother in the proper way.(About the Author)

Lisette Skeet lives in Halstead, a small town in Essex, England. Her other books include No Medals for M.E., Turquoise Dolphins, A Very Inappropriate Affair, and No Magic for M.E. She wrote this book because "I am fascinated by the way in which people develop habitual behaviour, without spotting that they have fallen into patterns they could alter."

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ISBN: 9781682353943
ISBN-10: 168235394X
Publisher: Strategic Book Publishing
Publication Date: April 22nd, 2022
Pages: 130
Language: English