Beyond the Bully: Facing Your Life's Nemesis (Paperback)

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Within everyone is an innate desire to rise above, to be more than a statistic or victim. Bullying is and always will be both ageless and timeless. From biblical times to last evenings news, aggression and oppression appear to have adhered themselves to all humanity, wreaking havoc and dividing communities. But the good news is that neither have to be tolerated.

Beyond the Bully: Facing Your Life's Nemesis addresses these issues from a modern workplace bullying story paralleled with the biblical account of Nehemiah and his N52 Team. This book encourages, empowers, enlightens, and equips bystanders to step up as heroes. To build a barrier, be a buffer, and bridge a break between victims and aggressors. Faced with the reality of serving "behind enemy lines," heroes will feel torn between confronting an aggressor or encouraging a passive victim.

Heroes face some daunting questions: Do I step up or remain disengaged? What is the risk? What is the impact on my own identity? What if it's a friend doing the despicable, do I take a stand for what is right or turn a blind eye?

Engage in this manual and discover that seeing beyond the bully reveals a hurting individual in need of grace, forgiveness, and empathy. But even more than that, Beyond the Bully: Facing Your Life's Nemesis will help you discover your hero within.

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ISBN: 9781681979700
ISBN-10: 1681979705
Publisher: Christian Faith Publishing, Inc.
Publication Date: September 16th, 2016
Pages: 92
Language: English