Your Baby's Brain, Intellect, and You: How to Create an Intellectual Powerhouse by Nurturing Your Child's Mind! (Paperback)

Your Baby's Brain, Intellect, and You: How to Create an Intellectual Powerhouse by Nurturing Your Child's Mind! By S.H. Jacob Ph.D. Cover Image
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Your Baby's Brain, Intellect, and You is an easy-to-read guidebook that provides new parents with practical knowledge, tips, and stage-appropriate activities that are designed to promote critical thinking in the crucial first two years. With over 200 illustrated play activities, this book helps you maximize this period of explosive growth so that your baby has every opportunity to develop the thinking skills that are crucial in todays and tomorrow's world – curiosity, imagination, learning, memory, understanding, problem-solving, discovery and invention.

Your Baby's Brain, Intellect, and You is based on the work of Jean Piaget, the world's most recognized authority on cognitive development. The book covers the importance of the first two years, how activity is the building block of intelligence and knowing, and the importance of parents and caregivers in the developmental process.

Next, the book covers the intriguing topic of the explosive growth of brain growth in the first two years and how that relates to learning and constructing knowledge.

To acquaint readers with the core principles upon which this book is based, Piaget's celebrated contributions to intellectual development is reviewed.

Finally, Your Baby's Brain, Intellect, and You presents a cognitive development program for your baby. The program guides parents through the well-known six stages of cognition, with full descriptions of what your baby is trying to grasp at each stage. Play activities are illustrated so parents can see exactly how to set them up and play with their children.

About the Author

S. H. Jacob, Ph.D. is a renowned author in cognitive development. He worked under Jean Piaget, the acclaimed cognitive developmental psychologist, upon whose work this book is based.

A former professor of Human Learning and Cognition at the University of Maryland Baltimore County (UMBC), Dr. Jacob served as Visiting Scholar at the UCLA Graduate School of Education where he created an educational program designed to enhance young children's cognitive development. This work resulted in the publication of Your Baby's Mind: How To Make the Most the Critical First Two Years, a parenting book that was published in 7 languages and sold over 75,000 copies in the U.S. alone.

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