Never Go Home (Compact Disc)

Never Go Home By Christopher Swann, Joshilyn Jackson (Read by) Cover Image
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Orphaned at age ten by a violent home invasion, Susannah Faulkner grew up wild, her stubbornness the only thing harder than her heart. Since then, she's used her skills to put a boot in the faces of those who deserve it. She knows she's wired wrong and living a dangerous and violent life, but she's determined to wring something decent from the world before she leaves it. Then she gets word her brother Ethan needs her help, so she returns home to Atlanta. But in the airport, she finds her Uncle Gavin suffering a heart attack. Before he is rushed to the hospital, Gavin whispers a single word to Suzie: peaches. She's determined to uncover the meaning behind the cryptic message, but Ethan is also deep in trouble. An ex-soldier and ex-con named Finn appeared on his doorstep with a disturbing story: fifteen years earlier, Finn served with their father in Iraq, where they stole millions in cash. Now the money is missing, and Finn wants his share--or else.

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ISBN: 9781666614008
ISBN-10: 1666614009
Publisher: Dreamscape Media
Publication Date: September 1st, 2022
Language: English