I Believe: My Testimony of Yeshua Jesus the Messiah (Paperback)

I Believe: My Testimony of Yeshua Jesus the Messiah By Julia Peranio Cover Image
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Julia Peranio's life has been full of supernatural experiences. After coming to know Christ at an early age, circumstances, both good and bad, arose where God was her only hope. However, when He revealed Himself, showing her the way out of these awful situations, Peranio had no other choice but to testify on His goodness, mercy, and grace. Peranio felt in her spirit that others needed to know about her trials and their remedies to help them to be overcomers in Yeshua as well, and the only way to get the truth out there was to write about it and have it published. I BELIEVE MY Testimony of Yeshua...is a non-fiction narrative that came from Julia Peranio's own personal experiences. The intimate details presented in this book came from the many times Yeshua came to her rescue, and while these events are not unique, Peranio lived them, and they are her's. God extended His love to Peranio on a personal basis. As the years passed, she realized that her circumstances were unusual, due to the countless visions, supernatural interventions, and auditory instructions, she received from the Lord. Quickly, she felt that it was her duty to share the love of God with the world. All of her adventures with God are real to this day, and through this sequence of events, Peranio hopes to impact others and share the saving grace of Yeshua Jesus, who hung on the Cross and died to set us free.

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ISBN: 9781662850752
ISBN-10: 1662850751
Publisher: Xulon Press
Publication Date: September 26th, 2022
Pages: 96
Language: English