The Essential Avicenna (Ibn Sina): Edited with Introduction MICHAEL P. ARYA (Hardcover)

The Essential Avicenna (Ibn Sina): Edited with Introduction MICHAEL P. ARYA By Michael P. Arya Cover Image
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Avicenna (Ibn Sina) is the most famous scientist . . . and of the most famous of all races, places, and times. George Sarton Introduction to the History of Science Vol. I Dr. Arya has provided an excellent collection of essays on the most profound thinker of the Middle Ages, Ibn Sina--known in the West as Avicenna. These essential writings covering all of the most fundamental aspects of this profound thinker. He was a powerful and influential force in medieval western thought, influencing the Augustinianism of the Franciscans, the religious philosopher St. Thomas Aquinas, and the development of western logic and medicine. The Middle Ages is probably the least understood-and therefore the most misunderstood-period in western history, often referred to as the "Dark Ages" based on the assumption that little intellectual activity occurred . . . . Professor Arya seeks to correct that deficiency with "The Essential Avicenna" describes the core elements of Avicenna's original and complex understanding of our world and our place in it. I highly recommend it. Vern Denning, Ph.D. ProfessorEmeritus, Philosophy Indian River State College Many propositions formulated by Avicenna, were adopted by St. Thomas Aquinas, and were adapted by Spinoza to the idea of self-existing substance. Paviz Moremege Columbia University Press In Essential Avicenna, Professor Arya has assembled a superb collection of essays which will be an excellent reading choice for anyone who are interested in the history of Medieval philosophy and theology. These essays are comprehensive in nature and focus on Avicenna's influence in the Medieval period and specific topics related to his thought. In the introduction, Professor Arya provides an excellent biographical sketch, an overview of key components of Avicenna's philosophy providing a fascinating comparison of Avicenna's thought with prominent Medieval philosophers, such as, Averroes, St. Thomas Aquinas, Roger Bacon, Meister Eckhart, and Al-Ghazali. An edition of real excellence. Mark C. Herman, Ph.D. Professor of History Florida Southwestern State College Dr. Michael P. Arya has a Doctorate in Economic Education. He taught Economics at Lakeland College in Wisconsin, University of West Virginia, University of South Florida and Florida South Western College (formerly Edison State College) for more than thirty years. He was a recipient of the Thomas A. Edison Award for Excellence in Teaching in 1991. He lives in Seattle, Washington with his wife.

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