Expedition of Equality (Paperback)

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Expedition of Equality starts in the year 3000, when a group of scientists travels to a new star system they name Einstein. Their only desire is to be able to experiment without government regulations.

Five years later, a group of colonists who pay their life savings to join these scientists in the Einstein star system gets the shock of a lifetime when they arrive five hundred years later. The star system is now teeming with life and new genetically engineered specie.

Follow the exploits of the spaceship Equality and its crew as they explore this strange new star system while attempting to put an end to a new threat of space pirates, space pirates they believe are being led by one Captain Spike, but after an assassination attempt on their new captain, doubts arise. More mystery builds when they meet a clone of a notorious murderer, a clone who has just murdered his parents in their sleep.

Will the crew of Equality be able to unravel what is truly going on before it's too late?

Product Details
ISBN: 9781662459160
ISBN-10: 1662459165
Publisher: Page Publishing, Inc.
Publication Date: November 3rd, 2021
Pages: 390
Language: English