Life is a Circus: Enjoy the Show (Paperback)

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Ever think your life is a circus? Filled with non-stop chaos, tragedy, and heartache all while having to juggle the kids, dinner and a husband? Life can be a bit like that, but at the circus we find a place to escape and also a place to enjoy If you think this book is just for clowning around, it's not Angela has experienced the fun and the tragic side of life that is far-reaching: twice divorced, giving a child up for adoption, the murder of her younger brother and being diagnosed with an autoimmune disease. And yet, she has learned how to love her life, and make it the greatest life ever. It might sound like a circus to you. But what is a circus without extremes, amazement, and entertainment? Angela's very own circus comes complete with laughter, love, and freedom from pain. Do you freedom from your pain?

Angela takes her readers on a journey of

-How to forgive the deep sticky situations that seemed to consume her life

-How to connect to your very own tribe of misfits

-How to find hope and joy by helping others embrace their past failures and mistakes

-How to move through life with peace and forgiveness by understanding that your experiences and tragedies in life make you unique and wholly loved.

Finally, each time you take a look in the mirror you think the reflection should belong in a funhouse, Angela shows you how to embrace who you really are, and not what those around you believe. You are valuable from the inside out. Who's up for a little time at the circus? Come You will find the greatest show on earth--your life .

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ISBN: 9781647467319
ISBN-10: 1647467314
Publisher: Author Academy Elite
Publication Date: April 30th, 2021
Pages: 148
Language: English