The Tunnels of Earth (Paperback)

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One night in the twenty-first century, a small cruise ship disappears without a trace

in the Atlantic Ocean. Some years later, a densely populated island on the East Coast

is systematically attacked from the sea. How can these two events possibly be related?

At the time no one could link them.

All the while in a massive natural dry cavern hidden beneath the Atlantic Ocean,

unknown to anyone on Earth, a group of aliens worked quietly to fulfill their

mission-to steal Earth's natural resources. They were here to take what they needed.

Facing this new alien threat is a newly formed military unit designated Eagle Corps.

Around the world today, there are similar confrontations over natural resources. It is

not hard to imagine scenarios like those in Tunnels of the Earth. History past and

present tells us living beings will fight to the death over resources, especially those

that are scarce and needed for life. The story in this book envisions what can come

when the fragile balance between the need for natural resources provokes the will

to protect them.

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ISBN: 9781646548477
ISBN-10: 1646548477
Publisher: Fulton Books
Publication Date: January 4th, 2021
Pages: 294
Language: English