Lust Mix (Paperback)

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The married life is treating You and Chiharu pretty well. After working a hard day at work, You comes home to his loving wife and they spend the whole night in a passionate, devoted embrace. Recently, Chiaki, Chiharu's twin sister, has been interrupting their torrid nights and has been sending You videos of her own torrid nights. You is stunned, but seeing someone who looks like his wife getting banged by another man stirs something deep inside him. The next day he comes home to a clingy Chiharu who's raring to go down, but things take a turn when she shows You a new picture of Chiaki, but for some reason she's wearing a wedding ring...

About the Author

Debuting in the mid 2000s, Itou Eight has worked with COMIC Shitsurakuten, COMIC Hotmilk and COMIC Anthurium. Itou Eight also collaborates with the doujin circle EIGHT BEAT, working on doujin adaptations of Dasashi Kashi, My Hero Academia and Steins;Gate.

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ISBN: 9781634421041
ISBN-10: 1634421043
Publisher: FAKKU
Publication Date: January 25th, 2018
Pages: 222
Language: English